When we talk about biker fashion, images of leather jackets and cool silver rings immediately come to mind. The aftermath of the Mexican Revolution devalued the peso to the point of being almost worthless. Mexican blacksmiths decided to melt down metal coins to make items of higher value. In this case, it was what came to be known as "biker rings" that sparked the whole revolutionary trend.
First discovered by the Motorcycle Club of America in the 1940s, these rings were a popular product due to the ban on the use of brass finger rings. These rings became a legal alternative to brass finger rings, hence the name "Mexican biker rings", from its birth in Mexico and the enthusiasm of bikers.
Most of us still have the impression that these rings were worn by men with tall, huge hands. Obviously, this is because they became popular in the 1940's among motorcycle clubs and others who occasionally had fisticuffs. However, thanks to their beauty and stunning artwork, these rings have spread around the world and joined the world of collectors. Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, was one such enthusiast.
People wear rings for a variety of reasons. Some wear them for sentimental reasons or vanity, while others wear them as a status symbol.
There are also those who believe that wearing certain rings will be beneficial, such as as as magical amulets and protection from evil spirits and talismans. Rings were also used as identifiers for certain groups, such as military groups and schools.
Some rings became so important that it was considered a family heirloom and was passed down from generation to generation.
Now we ask ourselves, why do we wear biker rings? Before you read on, be aware that wearing a ring can become an obsession. Here are the reasons why you should wear a biker ring
1. It Represents Your Biker Fashion Style
When looking for biker jewelry, don't just choose any ring. Look for the boldest ring you can fucking find, something that captures the essence of rebellion itself. Imagine riding down the road and every time you look at your finger on the handlebars of your bike, you feel the excitement and admiration of the ring you're wearing.
2. It Depicts The Values You Live By
Maybe you inherited your biker ring from your father, or maybe someone important in your life gave it to you as a gift.
If a ring gives you a special meaning, it is more than just an accessory. It shows what you value in life, what is most important to you. It's you, your core value in life.
3. It's a Conversation Starter
A motorcycle ring is the last thing to be worn, like an artist adding the final touches to his artwork. The ring is the first piece of art to be noticed by the crowd. The center of attraction - the start of the conversation.
That's the appeal of a good biker ring. If someone compliments you on your biker ring, you should tell them the story behind that piece of jewelry. Maybe you might have bought it at that ring store?
4. It Shows How You Currently Feel
For example, a skull ring is a good ongoing reminder that everyone will die someday and we should live each day to the fullest.
The lion ring represents courage, the strength to overcome obstacles. The presence of this powerful animal also implies a person's "wildness" or difficulty in control.
So, what is your current mood today?
5. It Defines Your Unique Biker Style
If you're just starting out and still searching for your biker style, trying out various biker rings might work. If you're not ready to go all out with a bold biker look, go for a classic and simple design like the classic iron cross ring.
6. It Offers a Chance To Be Yourself
The general purpose of jewelry itself is to express yourself. Why would you want to follow a trend and be a sheep? Be yourself. What you wear should reflect your inner world - your values, feelings, interests and ideas.
So don't worry too much about what other "seasoned" motorcyclists, or even the average person around you, think of you. Don't hesitate to put on any kind of biker ring you need.
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