The terms vintage and fashion are easily confused and misused, let's look at the difference between vintage and fashion jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry

If a piece of jewelry is 50 to 100 years old, it is usually called vintage jewelry.The design styles and concepts that have been widely influential and popular in the society and were once eliminated are used in the design of new products, so that consumers can resonate and recognize the product and brand from the nostalgic mood. This is the vintage style.

Fashion Jewelry

Contrastly, fashion jewelry is generally regarded as less expensive than precious metals and gemstones and often includes semi-precious stones, cubic zirconium crystals,glass, or rhinestones. Metal components in fashion jewelry might also include sterling silver, pewter, silver-plated and gold-plated. However, in a dynamic society that places a great deal of emphasis on fashion, what defines fashion jewelry can sometimes include modern, trendy, eclectic and anything goes.

There are many fashion-style rings in our shop. The materials include copper , silver and gold.

Eagle silver ring

The lines on the surface of this  Eagle Ring are carefully carved. The details are in place, giving the ring a super texture. The eagle symbolizes freedom, courage, strength and victory, signifying the spirit of courage, as well as fervor, and the eagle's eyes also give a very sharp feeling. It is a comfortable yet masculine ring, one that you will not be disappointed with.


Snake silver ring

This is a snake ring made of silver. With its elegant and beautiful shape and durable material, this ring is the most popular animal ring in our store. In Greek mythology, the snake was a symbol of wisdom and was considered the goddess of the moon and fertility. 


Solid brass ring

Original handmade natural style stretch ring made of oxidized bronze that has been polished.This ring is minimalist, but very special at the same time. Its textured surface makes it stand out and becomes a real timeless piece.


Eagle feather silver ring

This is a simple and sophisticated silver ring.The design of the eagle feather is very peculiar, and the ring opening is freely adjustable in size, so the overall effect is very dominant.This ring is true to its name when worn and is sure to draw attention to itself.


Bauhinia skull silver ring

This is a skull ring made of silver and purple brass.The surface is treated with dark oxidation. The entire ring looks retro and can be matched with your clothing. This unique ring is also designed to stand the test of time.

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