Obsidian is a common black gemstone, volcanic crystal, also known as "Dragon Crystal" and "Tokusatsu Stone". It’s a natural formation of silica, usually black in color. Since ancient times obsidian has been used  as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. Obsidian can be processed into handicrafts. In addition, obsidian has the characteristics of glass, and when broken, it has a shell-like fracture, which is very sharp. Obsidian is one of the stones used in Buddhism to make Buddhist beads and crafts. Next, we will explain what is the spiritual role of obsidian and what is the meaning of obsidian, which may help you.

The spiritual role of obsidian

1. Obsidian has the function of warding off evil spirits. The magnetic energy of black obsidian is calm and serene, with a constant source, which helps to enhance the circulation of blood in the body and improve the symptoms of weakness and deficiency. Obsidian's versatility and energy has always been shrouded in mystery; however, after many friends' personal experience, it does have a very powerful role in avoiding evil and removing evil spirits, not only to avoid negative energy interference, but also to remove the unpleasant smell of mold and bad luck, whether worn close or placed at home, it is the best guardian stone in life.

2. Obsidian energy is very strong, strong, the best utility to ward off evil, wear obsidian is the best talisman, ward off evil, bad sleep friends wearing natural obsidian can reduce insomnia, improve the quality of sleep, obsidian can enhance vitality, restore the human spirit, physical strength, brain overwork and creative workers have a very good balance.


3. Obsidian corresponds to the submarine chakra, can effectively exclude the negative energy of the body, and enhance the new energy; helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, headaches, absorb and exclude the body's sickness, turbidity, and quickly restore physical strength, improve the weakness of the Qi deficiency, improve physical vitality and endurance, is the most protective of health stones; for people with bad luck, mostly turbidity is too heavy, can effectively absorb the body turbidity and transform, to It can improve luck and enhance the defense ability against the invasion of foreign spirits.

4. Obsidian can enhance vitality, restore one's mental and physical strength, and has a good balancing effect on office workers and creative workers who use their brains excessively. It can strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease, improve sleep, and improve the effects of alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. It can make people stable, relieve stress, peace of mind and eliminate emotional distress. It also strengthens the power of action, enhances leadership, centripetal force, and helps career, also known as "leadership stone".



In Western countries, obsidian is used to protect against negative energies such as spells and witchcraft. Since obsidian is originally an absorbent crystal, generally crystal bracelets are suitable to be worn on the left hand, while obsidian bracelets should be worn on the right hand.

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